Unlock Learning: A step-by-step guide to purchasing the Mastering SISAAVAKS course

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Embarking on a new learning journey can be exciting and we are here to ensure that getting started is as smooth as possible. Follow this simple guide to purchase the Mastering SISAAVAKS course and unlock the door to knowledge and skills that await you!

Step 1: Begin with a Click

Click on the “Sign Up & Buy Course” button on the homepage as shown below.

Step 2: Create an account

After the first step, you will be led to the Log in/Register option. Here, click on the “Register” button and create an account by filling in the requested information.

Step 3: Dive into the course selection

Once you have successfully registered and created an account, navigate to the “Courses” button in the navigation menu. Here, you will see the Mastering SISAAVAKS course. Alternatively, once you register, you might also see the link to the Mastering SISAAVAKS course immediately.
In either case, take a moment to read through the course description. This is where you get a glimpse of what learning adventures await you!

Step 4: Secure your spot!

Found everything to your satisfcation? Great! Simply click on the “Add to Basket” button. This will add the course to your personal learning cart.

Step 5: Seamless checkout

Ready to commit to your learning journey? Proceed to checkout. Here you will find a variety of payment options to suit your preference including netbanking, UPI and credit or debit cards.

Step 6: Unlock your learning

Once your purchase is complete, log in to your profile. Here you will find the complete Mastering SISAAVAKS course ready and waiting for you!

Alternative method: You did a guest checkout without creating an account?

You purchased the course directly through the courses page without creating an account? No problem! After purchasing, for continued access reset your password. Simply go to the “Log in” button in the homepage, and use the email id you provided while making the purchase. Then click on “Forgot password” and reset your password. Log in to your profile again and access the course. This will secure your account and integrate your course access seamlessly.

Your Learning, Your Way!

By following these simple steps, you are not just enrolling in a course but also taking a significant step towards personal enrichment and professional development. We are excited to have you onboard and look forward to supporting you throughout your learing journey.

Enroll in Mastering SISAAVAKS today and manifest the perfection within you!