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SISAAVAKS: The 9 core principles which are essential to accomplish your goals

S- Srama (Hardwork)
I- Iccha Shakti (Willpower)
S- Samarpana (Dedication)
A- Adhyaayana Utsukata (Desire to know more)
A- Atmanam Visvasya (Believe in yourself)
V- Vinaya (Humility)
A- Adhyapita Kriya (Hobbies)
K- Kaala Prabandhana (Time Management)
S- Saririka Svasthya (Physical Fitness)

Course is for : School students  & University students



What Is Included?

Your Journey To A Supernova Of Success Begins Here.

Are life’s goals appearing as distant as galaxies? Are everyday tasks feeling colossal?

Fear not, this voyage is the right step forward!

Your Voyage Map

Your Journey To A Supernova Of Success Begins Here.



  1. gunturichaitanya2001 (verified owner)

    Completed the course. overall pretty nice. short and straight to the point is what is required for me and it fulfills that aspect. Usually iam a self motivated person and don’t follow these type of courses except occasionally view some free stuff of highly successful people. what this course partly helped was even for someone like me who is self motivated there are areas i tend to skip or postpone for some reason. of all the nine lessons most of the ones i found good but the two most important things i missed in my life were “Desire to know more” and Hobbies. I think these videos are practical to me.
    About the website most of the time its nice, no issues found while loading or logging in. Once i tried to reset the password. the password link was immediately received in my spam. recently i tried again to reset the password but this time it took me a couple of times to do the rest process and the link was sent to my inbox after ten or 15 mins. otherwise never faced any issue while playing the videos etc. could play on mobile also though depends on the mobile signal.
    All in all happy to inform that i liked the course.

  2. Kondri Navajanya (verified owner)

    All the videos are very interesting and so motivating, exercises also very practical, these are very useful for me. I really liked the course.Thank you for making such a good website to help students like me.

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